Key technologies

Who would have thought 10 years ago that cloud technologies and mobile Internet would revolutionise the world, change working processes and enable medical care in remote regions? Or that new materials and surfaces would boost energy efficiency? That robots would perform complex operations, look after the elderly and mow lawns?

Innovations are the socio-economic basis for development and prosperity – and thus for the sustainability of each and every nation. To enable and encourage the process from research idea to marketable product, it is first necessary to create corresponding structures and to bring together various players and disciplines.

Biotechnologies, innovative services, information and communication technologies, nanotechnologies, production technologies and material technologies are all drivers of innovation – especially in applications such as the automotive industry, medical engineering, mechanical engineering and logistics. Developments in these key technologies provide solutions to the challenges of our times. That is why Germany and Turkey wish to use the joint Year of Science to tap the innovative potential of key technologies and in particular to implement the intensive promotion of application-oriented research.

The key technologies on which the German-Turkish Year of Science focuses as drivers of innovation include the following: information and communication technologies, production technologies, nanotechnology, chemical and physical technologies, mobility, transport, logistics, health research and biotechnology.

The intensive collaboration with Turkey in the fields of education, research and innovation is gathering massive potential to the benefit of both nations. In particular, the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy 2020 (, Agenda 2023 and the national Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2011–2016 (STI Strategy, see for Turkey provide new points of contact for German-Turkish cooperation. Turkey is pursuing ambitious goals within science and technology (S&T) and within research and development (R&D), and seeks to tap the potential for high added value in order to develop an innovation-embracing, highly technological and internationally competitive industry (also see "Invest in Turkey" For the German economy, there is much potential for growth and new opportunities for innovative products and services. What's more, international competition will benefit from a continuing increase in talent, technologies and market leadership. More than 5000 German companies already have a presence in Turkey.

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Saying of the Day

„One is the other's bridge, one is the other's hand.”

Gustav Schüler