Global change

Social, economic and technical developments are changing the climate and environment all over the world. Living conditions on our planet are changing as a result of such developments – including the availability of natural resources such as air, water, raw materials and vegetation. However, the social foundations of the way we live are also experiencing change. As such, one of the central themes of the joint Year of Science is to examine how we can overcome global challenges.

Global challenges require innovative solutions arising from research and technological development. Both Germany and Turkey wish to take joint responsibility for this task.

Climate protection, resource efficiency and sustainable energy supplies are not only the basis for well-being and prosperity; they also represent the lead markets of the future. With this in mind, the agenda for the German-Turkish Year of Science features the following items: renewable energies, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, environmental technologies, climate change, climate protection and wastewater management.

The development of innovative environmental technologies and the implementation of strategies aimed at increasing energy efficiency are milestones in the pursuit of sustainable economies. German and Turkey can use sustainable economies and innovative environmental and climate-protection technologies to counteract the demands placed on ecosystems: raw materials in short supply are protected through recycling and energy consumption is reduced, thus helping combat climate change and boosting companies' economic and innovative clout. Innovative environmental technologies are therefore highly beneficial to the environment, the economy and society all at the same time.

In their joint Year of Science, Germany and Turkey are committed to researching and helping shape all aspects of global change in the best way possible. This means finding ways to ensure our well-being, enable development and a good quality of life in the future, and reduce the consumption of natural resources and the emissions of substances that are harmful to the environment. 

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Saying of the Day

„The best thing we found in the past was hope.”

Johann Paul Friedrich Richter