Topic clusters

How can Germany and Turkey join forces in order to research and help shape all aspects of global change in the best way possible? And in which areas? Germany and Turkey have agreed on three topic clusters on which the "German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation 2014" is to concentrate: Key technologies as drivers of innovation, global change and social change.

The two nations are using these three topic clusters to continue their previous successful collaborations and to bring them to a whole new level. They are also linking these areas through "interdisciplinary topics": the Year of Science aims to combine existing strengths in science, economics and society and to mobilise new forces. This also applies to securing the requisite experts. The union of various partners helps to improve the utilisation of skills and resources in order to achieve common goals. This is the only way to find solutions for both local and global challenges.

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Saying of the Day

„One is the other's bridge, one is the other's hand.”

Gustav Schüler