Goals of the "German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation 2014"

Germany and Turkey are working together under the motto "Science Bridging Nations" to pursue several goals during the joint Year of Science: Both partners are committed to bringing attention to the importance and successes of their cooperation and building on the existing cooperation within research, education and innovation through forward-looking projects.

The German-Turkish Year of Science is primarily focusing on issues for the future: these issues play a major role in the research agenda of both countries and, because of their significance for the good of mankind, they are relevant not only on a regional scale but a global one too. The range of topics covers application-oriented research in key technologies (topic cluster 1), global change (topic cluster 2) and social change (topic cluster 3). In order to mobilise as many forces as possible, the "interdisciplinary topics" are given particular attention: the interaction between research and industry, education and training in economics, science and research, and the interface between science and society. 

The goals in detail:

  • Intensify long-term collaborative research with outstanding partner organisations in both countries
  • Promote and publicise German-Turkish initiatives and projects in research, education and innovation to promote Germany and Turkey at all levels – including research-led companies in both nations.
  • Pool together innovation potential and intensively promote application-oriented research
  • Build on bilateral cooperation, for example by creating new partnerships between German and Turkish research institutions, universities and businesses and fostering closer collaboration between ministries, intermediate organisations and research organisations
  • Secure long-term cooperation within education and research between the two nations through the targeted funding of outstanding young scientists
  • Secure the individual future prospects of the younger generation by offering high-quality vocational training for both nations and thus mitigate the risk of a lack of specialists
  • Improve the interaction between research and industry
  • Boost education and training in economics, science and research
  • Extend the interface between science and society

As a partner or registered participant of the German-Turkish Year of Science, you are contributing towards making these goals a reality. Bring your activities and events under the umbrella of the German-Turkish Year of Science.

As a partner, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your activities are included in the press and public relations of the German-Turkish Year of Science and therefore have a broad reach.
  • Your events are featured in the electronic calendar of events and therefore reach the attention of those interested in taking part.
  • The regular newsletter for the German-Turkish Year of Science keeps you constantly up to date.
  • You can use the official logo for the Year in your public relations material.

Please visit the "Get involved" section for more information.

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