Project E2E: Building a Bridge between Essen and Erzurum

There are about 4,000 kilometres between Essen and Erzurum, a regional capital in the east of Turkey. And yet both cities are connected to each other, through a cooperation between the FOM University in Essen and the Atatürk University in Erzurum. This is now being expanded in the direction of research in the context of the idea competition, with a joint conference about the subject of "Innovation and Information Technology" that will take place in Essen in the autumn of 2015.

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With over 32,000 students, 31 study centres and over 300 professors, the FOM University based in Essen is Germany's largest private university. It gives professionals and trainees the opportunity to obtain academic qualifications in parallel with their job and to acquire nationally and internationally recognised Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. The practice-oriented courses of study focus on the areas of economics and engineering.

Bilateral collaboration in education and research

The FOM University places great value on research and internationalisation: with international programs and partner universities all over the world, the university fosters international exchange, including with Turkey. Since 2012, the FOM University has developed an extraordinary program in cooperation with the Atatürk University. With the so-called ATAFOM program, the participant will have the possibility to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Germany and to receive two certificates at the same time: an academic degree in Turkey and the "Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)" in "Business Administration" at the FOM.

"We want to build bridges between Germany and Turkey, between Essen and Erzurum, between research and education. The first bridgehead is set, for education," explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Heupel, Prorector for Research at the FOM. "Now comes the next one, for research: With our project 'E2E – Building a Bridge on Sciences’, which is promoted by the idea competition, we want to expand our collaboration to the research areas of our universities and thus lay a foundation for joint research projects that can boost innovations."

Conference about innovation and information technology in Munich

"At FOM, education is always fertilised by research. Thanks to our institutes and competence centres, we are in a good position globally, particularly in applied research, be it in relation to innovation management or information technology. The scientific exchange with the researchers of Atatürk University will further strengthen the innovation potential of our cooperation and our academic centres," says Heupel. That is why, in autumn 2015, both universities are organising a German-Turkish conference in Munich with the title "2. Economic Forum: IT and Innovation Management – German and Turkish Perspectives for Scientific Discourse and the Development of Practical Success Potential". The conference will include suitable German-Turkish foundations, associations and institutions. About 100 participants are expected.

Exploration trip to Erzurum in April 2015

To prepare for the conference, a team of scientists from the FOM University will travel to Erzurum in April to plan the conference, both with regard to content and organisation, together with representatives of the research team of the Atatürk University. In several workshops, the participants will engage in a personal exchange about the respective state of research and the research projects to find areas of commonality and to work out the concrete themes of the conference. The call for papers, the sessions, the podium discussion as well as the visitors' program for the 12-member delegation from the Atatürk University will be prepared jointly. In addition, starting points regarding the long-term cooperation between researchers of both universities will be discussed. "We can build on a good, trusting collaboration with the Atatürk University," says Heupel. "We have great plans and expect a good result."

Additional information about the E2E project, its progress and the conference can be found on the E2E project website.

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